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How Virtual Reality Is Helping Heal Soldiers With PTSD

Hunter Hoffman, Ph.D. Each pulled on a VR headset — an off-the-shelf eMagin — and was transported to a jungle clearing, or the passenger seat of a Huey helicopter. A therapist then manipulated the sights and sounds in crude ways, while each patient told of their trauma. After a month’s treatment, all ten patients showed significant improvement. Such was the success of the program that, following the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Center, one of Rizzo’s collaborators, JoAnn DiFede, began using VR to treat burns victims suffering with PTSD. “People saw the buildings, saw the plane fly into the buildings, heard the sounds and watched the explosion,” she explains. “We did not know if it would work. It did. Better than I ever expected.” When Castellanos enrolled at Cornell, DiFede, now director of the Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Studies at the university, had expanded her research to look at how the tuberculosis drug D-Cycloserine might be combined with VR to accelerate the treatment’s effectiveness. Working on glutamate receptors in the brain, the drug was Skiptracing sites shown to enhance learning in rats and mice. DiFede’s idea was that, if patients were given the drug right before the treatment, it would increase the effectiveness of the VR in helping the patient to "relearn." “We had a 70 percent remission rate within six months,” she says.

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